Why Choose Us?

Live Oak Village communities offer residents and their families top-of-the-line, customized, quality care.

While each of our communities offers its own options for living arrangements, amenities and services, our residents receive the best in care, safety and quality of life across the board. Each resident receives the therapy and care they need while enjoying their life every day in a friendly, encouraging environment.

We offer the best in medical care and monitoring for those who fit the parameters of the services we provide. We also take security seriously, and the round-the-clock safety of our residents is a top priority. Our high-tech systems monitor residences, common areas and outdoor spaces to ensure safety.

Mission Statement

Building trust so that residents, families, and our team have peace.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Efficiency

Residency Criteria

Admission Policy: Residents are admitted to the Community without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, religion or handicap.

Qualification for Residency: The Community may only accept or retain an individual to be a Resident if management determines, in its sole discretion, it is able to provide appropriate services and the individual meets the requirements set forth by state law. The Community is not required to admit or retain the Resident or to contract with the Resident for services, if the Community determines, in its sole discretion, that it cannot meet the Resident’s needs or the Resident fails to meet the requirements as set forth by law.

Physician’s Report: Prior to move-in, the Resident will provide the Community a completed Physician’s Report (the “Physician’s Report”) on a form provided by the Community. This Report will include a physical examination conducted within thirty (30) days prior to move-in and must demonstrate that the Resident meets criteria for residency. After move-in, the Community may require a Physician’s Report, acceptable to the Community, following any hospitalization, when the Community determines that the Resident’s health condition warrants or as required by law.

Assessment: The level of assisted living services required by the Resident is determined through an assessment (“Assessment”) of the Reside. The Assessment is performed by designated personnel who are employed by the Community (“Associates”) and includes an evaluation of each Resident’s specific needs. It covers areas such as: mobility, skin care, eating habits, oral hygiene, continence, cognitive behavior and medication. This Assessment, along with the Physician’s Report, provides the basis for identifying the Resident’s Service Level.

The Assessment is performed when the Resident desires to move into the Community, and is performed again when additional assisted living services may be needed, upon the Resident’s change in condition or upon a Resident’s return from the hospital or other care facility. The Resident, his/her family, and any Responsible Party named in this Residency Agreement will be informed of changes in the Resident’s condition and any additional assisted living services needed, and are encouraged to participate in the review, assessment, and care plan process.

Resident Service Plan: A Service Plan will be developed based on the Physician’s Report, the Psychiatric Examination (if applicable) and the Assessment. The Resident’s service plan will be developed with the Resident and/or any individual the Resident designates, including any Responsible Party. The service plan will outline the services the Resident is to receive.

Change in Resident’s Condition: If the Resident’s condition changes so that the previously assessed level of services is no longer appropriate, the Community will reevaluate the Resident’s needs to determine which level of service is appropriate.

Responsibilities of the Resident

  • Residents use the suite only for residential dwelling purposes.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Community.
  • A live-in companion is considered an additional person living in the suite and is required to pay fees associated with the Resident’s Suite.
  • Residents are required to maintain their suite in a clean, sanitary and orderly condition. Weekly housekeeping services are included and are available more often, if needed, at an additional charge.
  • Residents should notify the Community promptly of any defects in the suite, common areas or in the Community's equipment, appliances or fixtures.
  • Residents will vacate the suite at the termination of the Residency Agreement, remove all of their property, and deliver possession of the suite and any furniture, equipment, appliances, and fixtures supplied by the Community to the Community in good condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
  • Residents will comply with all guidelines established by the Community regarding resident conduct in the Community. The Community Guidelines may be amended from time to time as the Community determines to be appropriate.
  • Residents may keep a dog, cat, bird, fish or other pet.
  • Residents may use a motorized vehicle.
  • Residents agree to maintain his/her own personal physician.
  • Residents and Responsible Parties understand and agree that the Executive Director or designee may restrict an individual’s visitation rights or bar an individual from entering the Community if it is determined that the individual is disrupting the care of the Resident, the care of other residents or if the presence of the individual has a negative effect on a resident’s physical or psychosocial well being.
  • The Resident has the right to receive services from third-party contractors consistent with the Community’s policies and state law. All third-party contractors must comply with the Community’s rules and policies.

Fee Structure

We invite you to tour our community and learn more about the care and services we offer. We can help you determine the level of care needed by your loved one, discuss the best residential options and determine the related fees and costs for the services and accommodations that best suit your needs.